"Thank you, Hollie!! I couldn't have done it without the professional resume you helped me get. The first thing I was told is they received over 70 resumes for this position, and my resume is what stood out from the rest. Again, thank you for the excellent service."  Amy 

That statement describes why we love what we do! Resumes are such an important part of what it takes to be noticed by employers. So many jobs require online applications and resumes uploaded on websites. 

Your resume MUST make it through the online Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) to be seen by potential employers. YOUR resume must grab the attention of the reader and convince them that you have the qualifications necessary to do the job!

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Let us help you showcase your strengths to potential employers with our "Résumé Package" which includes: a professional résumé, a cover letter designed to elicit interviews, a coordinated page for references, and letterhead to email as a "Thank You for the interview."

The process includes:

  • an in-depth phone consultation
  • extensive email support
  • a review of the drafts...any questions answered
  • making necessary changes
  • your résumé, cover letter, reference page & letterhead delivered via email 

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All documents are created in MS Word, and you will also receive a PDF of your résumé and reference page.

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