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Let us help you showcase your strengths to potential employers with our "Résumé Package" which includes: a professional résumé, a cover letter designed to elicit interviews, a coordinated page for references, and letterhead for your "Thank You for the interview"


The process includes:

  • an in-depth phone consultation
  • extensive email support
  • a review of the drafts...any questions answered
  • making any necessary changes
  • your résumé, cover letter, reference page & letterhead delivered via email 

Other products and services are listed on the "Services" page.

All documents are created in MS Word, and you will also receive a PDF of your résumé and reference page.

Questions? Complete the "Contact Us" form,

                     call Hollie 903.574.5154 or

                    Patti 903.566.3223, or email us

                    [email protected]

We are so much more than words on paper!